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AI Governance software helps to operationalize responsible AI and to comply with requirements

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Safe and responsible AI is at the core of Loihde’s AI development. We want to create, deliver and use AI solutions that make the world a better place and can be trusted to be implemented in an ethically sustainable manner, as well as considering cybersecurity and other safety measures.

That’s why AI Governance is our number one priority in building and deploying AI solutions. In practice, AI management means that the organization has agreed on responsibilities, processes and tools for developing, using and monitoring the operation of AI. This ensures that AI solutions are created and used responsibly throughout their life cycle.

With Credo AI, we have found a like-minded partner who shares the same goal of advancing the creation and use of responsible artificial intelligence. What we also have in common is the desire to provide our customers with practical solutions. Credo AI is a leading Responsible AI Governance Platform that enables companies or organizations to proactively ensure responsibilities, processes, monitoring, and risk management related to the implementation and management of AI.

Together with Credo AI, we support companies in building expertise and practices for the safe and ethically strong utilization of AI solutions. At the same time, we enhance organizations’ capabilities to comply with the requirements of the EU’s AI regulation and other regulations.

However, it is not only about restrictions and prohibitions. A good governance model also enables more courageous innovation when the foundation is solid, and Credo AI provides a tool to apply the model to each use case.

Together, we want to support organizations to

  1. Adopt sustainable and secure AI technologies confidently
  2. Accelerate responsible AI innovation
  3. Ensure the continuity of their business in a rapidly developing operating environment.

Because we live as we teach, we have created our own AI management model for Loihde, which provides guidelines for the use and development of AI in different contexts. The model can also be applied to the needs of other companies, our AI experts are happy to help.

The principles and practices of AI management can be explored in more depth on the AIGA project website. AIGA, or Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing, is a project coordinated by the University of Turku, in which Loihde is actively involved as one of the corporate members.

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